Project One Percent is a global climate movement. Our aim is to change the way money is invested so that big polluters get less money and clean companies get more.

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This is where Project One Percent movement makers and guests have their say on all issues green and financial. We explain what this movement is all about, investigate terms like 'crowdfunding' and 'carbon pricing', and present our take[s] on what 'green growth' might actually look like.

Our floating spaceship - there is no other if we wreck it.

Why I Chose to Get Involved in Environmental Tracking

Arun Veerappan [UK]

Think of a spaceship, which carries all the people in the world as it hurtles through the universe. If, as Boulding alleged, that the passengers depend on a finite reserve of soil, air and …

London climate change

Why Now Is The Time For Project 1[00]%

Becca Stanley [UK]

I watched a video about time today. Using colourful infographics the narrator puts the length of time that humans have roamed this planet into perspective. I always find it …


Fishing in Lake Tanganyika

*Estimated Reading Time = 3 mins

Grace Dickins [UK]

Climate change is happening whether we like it or not, and you can already see evidence of its impact around the world. An example of how it is …


Getting Involved in the Environment Movement

*Estimated Reading Time = 4 mins

Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

Every day, you hear about climate change and erratic weather patterns on the news, and all the problems they bring: disease, deforestation, homes being destroyed, species going extinct. …

Earth Hour (Michael 7)


*Estimated Reading Time = 3 mins

Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

Environmental awareness campaigns have now been attempted for more than half a century. Few have been quite as successful or widespread as the Earth Hour Campaign. On March …


Climate of Corporate Carbon Management

*Estimated Reading Time = 4 mins

Eleanor Barr [UK]

Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and fuel climate change.

In the UK, the emissions of greenhouse gases [GHG] per capita is 16.28 tonnes CO2 equivalent [Co2e]. The average …

Coins and plant, isolated on white background

Crowdfunding as a Climate Change Solution

Estimated Reading Time = 3 mins

Grace Dickins [UK]

Crowdfunding is a great way to fund projects. It allows communities to invest in schemes that otherwise probably wouldn’t happen without their support.

The UK government is currently cutting …


Why transparency is so important, and how we utilise it

*Estimated Reading Time = 4 mins

Michael Lifschutz [UK]

Anytime a political regime comes into question, a corporation goes belly up, or anyone is suspected of shady dealings, there is one word you will hear endlessly: transparency. …

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Project One Percent


How Silent Spring became Noisy Summer

*Estimated Reading Time = 3 mins.

Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms,
Alone and paley loitering?
The sedge has withered from the lake.
And no birds sing.

These words, from John Keats’s poem “La Belle Dame Sans …


Confessions of a non-environmentalist

*Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

N.S. Hou [Canada]

Let me be clear: I am not an environmentalist, nor an ‘activist’ in any sense of the word; I never have been. When it comes to climate matters, I …


How People are Getting Together to Stop Deforestation

Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

Where does McDonald’s get enough meat to feed 68 million people a day in 119 countries? Well, everybody knows they get it from cows, who live on farms. These farms, as a …


Getting ready to retire

Hannah Li [UK]

As the end of year approaches, I have been thinking about ‘serious’ grown-up issues. I might only be in my 20s, but as health issues crop up in my aging, extended …

Ritika 3

The Meek May Not, After All, Inherit the Earth

Ritika Passi [India]

How the Rise of the Renewables isn’t going to be enough to diminish fossil fuel dependency and counter CO2 emissions as the situation stands today

Asia’s biggest solar thermal power plant (125MW) …


GDP vs. Climate Change: Then and Now

Phoebe Curwen [UK]

What follows is a brief discussion on the relationship – or lack thereof – between GDP and Global Warming. How do these concepts fit into the reality of 2013?

According to the …

How our morning commutes (and so much more) are sinking the island nation of Tuvalu

Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

There’s an island chain called Tuvalu located in the Asian Pacific that, at its highest point, stands at only 4.6 meters above sea level. The Tuvalu Islands are home to lush …

Phoebe 2_2

Localizing a Global Problem


 Phoebe Curwen [UK]

The graphs above illustrate that carbon emissions are a global problem and are the responsibility of a few big emitters and a number of smaller emitters. To date, the Kyoto …

Hannah 4_2

The Real Trade-Off

Hannah Li [Australia]

Whether trading your hard-earned money for goods and services, or trading carbon credits to offset emissions, the idea of ‘trade’, which has been around since prehistoric times, is one that we …

Madre de Dios REDD Project

The Peruvian Rainforest is at stake

*Estimated Reading Time = 4 mins

Silvia Gomez Caviglia and Rocco Cheirasco [Peru]

The Peruvian Amazon is in great danger of deforestation especially after the construction of the transoceanic road that goes through this rainforest. Current resources …


The Oxford Dictionary, the Statue of Liberty and Crowdsourcing

By Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

Did you know that in 1878 a man named Dr. James Murray was asked by Delegates of the Oxford University Press to compile a list of every English word, its correct …


A story about Apple and Orange (and Steve and Bill)

By N. S. Hou [Canada]

When we talk about stock investment, most of us will immediately think of the epic scenario where walls of computer screens are popping up crazy numbers and stock traders are …



By Ritika Passi [India]

Jeremy Tamanini, founder of Dual Citizen LLC offers a simple, yet often overlooked, premise in the organization’s first white paper: greater communication and information exchange furthers green economic growth.


Environmental Tracking: a practical financial solution to climate change?

Bill McKibben and his team at have done something that at one point it seemed inconceivable the environmental movement would ever do again. He has revived and reframed the climate change conversation into something …

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How Crowdfunding and the Microfinance Revolution are Re-empowering the People

by Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

We’ve all seen movies like the Social Network, Flash of Genius, Jobs. All it takes to change the world is one guy, an idea, and a great story. Right? Unfortunately, …

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Carbon Pricing

By Hannah Li [Australia]

There has been a lot of discussion about carbon pricing – for example, in Australia [where I live], the current government is trying to abolish what is labelled the carbon …


The potential power of Impact Investing

By Hannah Li [Australia]

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released a new report on Impact Investment. As one blogger, Sasha Dichter put it, “The report serves as a field guide for anyone looking to …


Personal Take [Michael]

By Michael Lifschutz [Canada]

I’m a student at McGill University in Montreal, with a major in Economics and the Earth’s Environment. What interested me most about Project One Percent is how simple, yet brilliant, an …

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