Tips to Sell Online

Excellent customer service will help you sell more online. It complements technology, products and your online store culminating in sales.

Selling online can be rewarding but can also prove to be a frustrating experience when there is no traffic to your store, or you may have plenty of traffic but no conversions.

If you have good traffic, it means you are doing something right, and you want to reinforce that. However, if your sales are low, then you want to examine your web store analytics and figure out what you could do to get more conversions.

Common reasons for low sales:

When your online sales are low, there is always a reason, and you can find it if you are looking in the right places. They might include.

1. Poor quality images and lack of product descriptions

Poor quality images are a turn off to an online shopper. You might have high traffic on your website, but your prospects quickly exit because the product pictures are not clear.

Product descriptions are great for building consumer confidence. The more relevant information there is on a product, the more a consumer who is interested in the product is likely to buy it. Be sure to have clear and sharp product images and informative descriptions that highlight every aspect of the product.

2. Lack of contact information

Serious customers may have a point for clarification about a product; they need to be able to get in touch with you with ease. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible. This could be through Facebook, WhatsApp, or email. Your ability to respond promptly has a bearing to your sales conversion.

Poor quality images and lack of product descriptions

3. Complex check out process

A good number of abandoned carts are as a result of complicated checkouts. Keep your check out process as simple as possible. It is recommended to set it at one or two clicks.

4. Hidden shipping rates

Consumers hate being ambushed. The slightest hint of hiding information that affects the cost price on the higher side will have prospects fleeing from your site. You want to be clear on pricing. For instance, you need to mention if an advertised product price includes or excludes shipping. If the price excludes shipping, be sure the consumer can see the added shipping cost.

5. Clattered dashboards

When a consumer finds your website, they need to be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Making sure that your online store is clutter free, navigable and straightforward is a necessary step towards excellent user experience. When the user experience on your store is good, it means your store is navigable, and the sales will reflect the same.


Making sure that your online store rectifies all the above in addition to providing impeccable customer service with your b2b ecommerce. It is likely that the changes you effect will make an impact on your sales.